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I’ve moved… July 13, 2013

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Hey! Yeah you! Come visit me over here now…I’d love it

Beyond Deweyville


Speaking of Christmas cards… December 1, 2011

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If I was honest, this would be it


Easy & Lovely Pillow Covers November 20, 2011

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Well hello!

We’re about to hit the highway for our annual out-of-doors,Thanksgiving at the beach, camping trip

I had a couple extra naked pillows taking up space in my closet, so I thought I’d make some quick covers and use them in our trailer

I found this little pillow cover tutorial, and as promised, it was very quick and easy

And here they are!

So cute right?

Now go make some

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Modern Paper Dolls September 16, 2011

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Hello friends!

Here’s a fun weekend craft I wanted to share with you

Modern Paper Doll Templates!

You can get them here

Wishing you wellness,



Plastic Sheets and Water Beads…are awesome August 17, 2011

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So there’s this blog that I’ve fallen madly, craftily, mom crushily in love with: Play at Home Mom
Here’s what we’ve happily copied in the last few days.
A Giant Plastic Bubble. Tip: do not attempt to puff it up with a leaf blower. Just don’t. Go get your fan.




And today we discovered Water Beads!
You can find them at Walmart on the floral supply aisle. You know, with moss, vases, floral tape.

You put them in water to soak for 4-6 hours. Plan accordingly.

And then, voila! Squishy, pretty fun!

And like all activities around here, it inevitably ended with a hose.



Shal, who is loving that she can blog from her phone!!!


Blogging from the road… August 13, 2011

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Oh my goodness, can I really update my blog from my phone?!?!

Well this really changes my blogging game.

Maybe it’ll actually put me back in the game.

I hope you’re having a delicious summer!



Twirl this! May 28, 2011

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First off, let’s all look down and comment on Bootsy’s well groomed two year-old fingernails.

I am a kudo hog

She did recently turn two <falls off cheap IKEA stool>!

I decided to make her something twirly since I’m still happily riding and waving from the train to Obsessedwithskirtsville

I’ve been searching and hunting for a good (and er, free) tutorial on a skirt with a tie.


I found it over on Molly’s blog Me and Madeline

You can view her super easy tutorial here

If you visit be sure and show her some love for her generosity.

Happy Birthday Bootsy Girl!