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A blog break January 29, 2008

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Oh faithful readers. It is a sad day that I must announce my taking a break from blogging. We are days away from a much needed vacation to the snow, and when we return I will be turning my free attention toward figuring out this education thing-a-ma-jig for my wee ones. As you well know, sharing about my family takes time away from them. If I can figure a way, I will be back after a bit. It has been an awesome creative outlet for me and great way to record things for my kids to read later on.

Love, love, love,



Four weeks January 27, 2008

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since we took our burden for a walk and left it outside. So what’s happening on American Idol? This is probably my favorite moment from the experiment so far. Once we stopped watching Charlie and Lola in the morning (I miss their accents so) Wyatt asked if he could eat his breakfast outside. Yeah!!!!!! The candle is us experimenting with fire while we’re out there. Let’s see, no t.v. for the kids, but yes, playing with fire is fine.  Stay tuned…lol



The card that never was (but now kind of is) January 25, 2008

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So this year I skipped out on the ol’ Christmas card and made this instead. Only I got busy and now I think they’re too late to mail. Eeeek. Oh well, some years you just can’t do it all.

scan_8124223140_1.jpg scan_8124222321_1.jpg


On being a novice January 23, 2008

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So, you all remember that I got totally inspired by my friend Lindsey’s sewing craftiness awhile back. So much so that I actually purchased a sewing machine. Can you hear all the LDS mothers that ever babysat me cheering? I know ladies, your dresses are coming. But since then, I’ve only done little things that I can figure out on my own. I still have these horrific visions that I need to get over of my hand getting sucked under the needle. Is that normal? Enter a delightfully clear cape tutorial by Lindsey, add a storefront at Etsy (which by the way is a grand place to spend your money), and I got the confidence to give it a shot. Amaiah was excited that I made something for her and I was thanking God that my hand didn’t get sucked under the needle.





The mother of all mother schedules January 21, 2008

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Ever wanted to peek into the day of a mother homeschooling eight kids? Brian and I attended a conference this weekend–Encouragement for the Homeschooling Family. It was so freakin’ spiritually awesome and inspirational. We came away with such great ideas for organizing, leading, and teaching our family. One of the workshops for the moms was on household management. Is this schedule incredible or what?



18 Days Ago January 16, 2008

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We started a project called “The Little Family Turns Off T.V. and Movies until ____, to See What Life is Like on the Other Side of Our Brains ” And guess what, fun things are happening.

Sometimes we turn the dining room into a scooter rink (this may not be good if you care even a smidge about your flooring).

img_6322.jpg img_6327.jpg

We’ve felt like dancing right in the middle of dinner a lot more.



Dear relatives in Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa, January 13, 2008

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Don’t worry, your suicidal winter months will be over soon. It was a little chilly here today…in the shade.