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Let’s burn stuff January 7, 2008

Filed under: Kids — mothersandothers @ 5:52 am

My friends are all sick of hearing it so I’m glad that I can’t see their eyes rolling

when I, once again, mention that I love the book Playful Parenting by Larry Cohen.

I felt challenged to stop using “No” as my quick answer to all things inconvenient

or seemingly dangerous (i.e., do you think paper towels could start a bonfire?).

Instead, I’m stopping to consider if what he’s asking for is really dangerous or just

four year-old curiosity at it’s finest.

So…when he asked what would happen if he hit the “high” button while I was

cooking his egg here’s where we went


and when he asked what would happen if he put spices in boiling water

(he’s fascinated by steam), here’s where he stood for what seemed like forever!


I wish you could have smelled the house. Eeeeeek!


One Response to “Let’s burn stuff”

  1. noelle Says:

    i like the fact that you are trying to give him an answer instead of “no”. hopefully it wont get too crazy!

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