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Some people make me grouchy February 28, 2008

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To the woman who wouldn’t paint a black flower on my daughter’s cheek because “God doesn’t make black flowers”, I submit the following. If I were pagan I would have had different words for you.

cranesbill.gif da46ad1e-0a66-4ee5-8e88-3f9c8c829732.jpgfl350.jpgblack-knight.jpg


Curse you Girl Scouts

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Dang you girls in green uniforms, delivering little pieces of partially-hydrogenated heaven.


While I was in hiding, pounding some cookies, the kids used all my scraps of fabric to make their dolls new outfits. When I walked into the room I was told to be quiet because they were sleeping, which of course wasn’t an issue since my mouth was full of cookies.


Baby, it was cold outside February 25, 2008

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We’re back from Colorado and all thawed out! Here’s a few of the gazillion pictures we took (I recommend not full screen). I’ll be adding more, but for the impatient out there, this is a good start. Thanks Jen for the Photoshow idea! If that’s just not enough, here are some video clips.