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Look, the sweater you gave to Goodwill! March 15, 2008

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Well, this little diddy was my first experience with binding.

It was a bit tedious but not difficult. I was just happy to get the darn buttons sewn on.

Several nights I went to bed thinking, “Wait, okay, yes, I did see the buttons today, not in someone’s mouth.”

Here is the link to the tutorial.

I just like that she has found a way to use the word “blatherings”.

Blatherings, blatherings, blatherings, my new favorite word.

And of course, after the photos were taken the apron came off and hasn’t been invited on again. I’m blathering…on to the photos of how mine turned out.





4 Responses to “Look, the sweater you gave to Goodwill!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    It’s wonderful! Pretty in pink. 🙂 You’re the first person who I’ve seen that has used the tutorial. Cool!

  2. mothersandothers Says:

    Thanks Michelle, it’s really a beautiful idea for an apron.

  3. noelle Says:

    DANG!!! you are gettin good!!!!! that is super cool, love it. now i expect to see you turn a hideous xmas sweater into an apron for the holiday party this year….

  4. mothersandothers Says:

    If you buy I’ll do it. LOL

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