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Ink Trees March 16, 2008

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This entry is about the craft, and maybe more so about my friend. Twenty-six years it took me to find her– friend, mentor, girl soul mate. She is brilliant on the brink of crazy. I met her by googling “natural childbirth”. I knew nothing (so I thought) and she knew everything, which she generously shared over the next few months. The first time we met she opened the door and offered me oranges and water. We sat on the floor facing each other, she grinned, looked me in the eyes and asked, “So, do you believe everything your doctor tells you?” And I laughed and wanted to cry all in the same breath because something inside me knew that we would have things to talk about forever. She recently moved out-of-state but was back this week in case our chiropractor went into labor. One the best things we did was share this craft with our kids. Enjoy!

I’m seriously not the tutorial-writing type so roll with it. This project came from another blog and if you can find it to give credit feel free.

First, find some yard clippings and crunch or cut them up.


Lay out your old cut up, bleached to death, slipcover turned individual drop cloths for everyone. Your dog will dig it.


Get some good ink with a dropper in a color you fancy your tree to be. Also, get some good heavy paper. We used textured watercolor paper.


Make a general form of a tree. We hovered over the little ones for this for obvious reasons.


Take a cut straw and blow the ink into branches. You have to blow pretty hard (as in stop and catch the spit dripping off your straw every so often).


While the ink dries enjoy some Cuties and Kumquats (10 pts. for knowing the proper way to eat a Kumquat)


Fish out of the 50 degree pool, dog poop. Guess who’s kid tossed it in?


Once the ink is dry, paint a good amount of glue where you want some leaves. Don’t forget under your tree maybe.


Smash and press it into the paper. Then shake it gently over your yard.


Wa-la! Beautiful trees!


I love Amaiah’s skinny little trunk.



One Response to “Ink Trees”

  1. Sarah Says:

    These are wonderful! What a fun day that was. I love the picture of the proud artistes at the end. And I love how Drake decided he wanted all three work stations for himself….

    The picture of me retrieving dog poop, however, brought back disturbing memories. I hope you were able to use the vaccuum to get the rest without having to dump a truckload of chemicals into it. Ah, the joys of parenting.


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