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All done up May 10, 2008

Filed under: General — mothersandothers @ 11:27 pm

Would you agree that one of the greatest things about parenting is all the firsts you get to experience with them? So I don’t know about your kids but mine will sometimes request that I hang out with them in the bathroom to keep them company. And while I oblige them I get incredibly antsy after about 13 seconds. Probably a lot of you would use this time to clean a counter or impart wisdom, but I just start snooping around like I’m rifling through someone else’s stuff. Shazaam, I found something to entertain myself! We were in there so long that I had time to curl my hair. Does anyone remember my perm experience from a couple of years ago? Let’s all take a moment to laugh about that again. I love curly hair!! Can’t anyone get my hair to be fun like this all the time? Amaiah, who has never seen a curling iron, was so impressed that she wanted hers done. I was praying the whole time that I wouldn’t burn her. She looked in the mirror and declared, “Mom, I love these tangles!”


4 Responses to “All done up”

  1. noelle Says:

    haah i love it!!! and i would KILL to have the hair that the main character (blanking on her real name) on Samatha Who has!! its the perfect curly hair. look her up! yours both looks great. and uhh i think wyatt was feeling a bit left out…..

  2. Grammy Says:

    THIS IS MY PERMANENT STAMP = “LOL”!!! You simply crack me up every single time! These are precious Marilyn Monroe head shots and should be kept for a lifetime!

    Love em and you,

  3. mothersandothers Says:

    Noelle-I looked it up. Yes, Christina Applegate. Love it. There was no way Wyatt was going to let us take those pictures without him.

    Mom-Before we did the kiss pose I had this flash of a picture that I used to look at a lot as a kid. It was in a big coffee table-type book that we used to have in the spare room. I think it was some sort of compilation of photos from Time magazine??? Anyway there was a photo of, I think, Shirley MacLaine and a little girl doing that pose that I always loved to look at.

  4. Aunt Vickie Says:

    I love the curls! Good use of time.haha,

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