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Summer is nice isn’t it? June 30, 2008

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What the heck, summer’s flying by! Where have I been? In the pool, saving $500 a month by, are you ready, teaching my own children to swim. Who knew modern parents were capable of this sort of thing. Aside from the large money issue, I decided it would be a really special thing between us, to be able to say, “Hey, I taught you how to ride a bike and swim!” So I downloaded the following lovely little e-book for eight buckeroos. How nifty! It cracks me up that pool behavior hasn’t really changed much–remember trying so hard to sit indian-style (that’s probably not politically correct terminology any more is it?) on the bottom of the pool? Brian and I were both equally impressed with our backhandspring skills. So if you’re in the area sometime between 8:00am and 8:00pm the side gate will be open. Push hard, it sticks a little.


Blessed by her June 12, 2008

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Every so often I get a chance to get together with this longtime friend. We’ve seen each other through some major milestones–college, work, marriage, kids. This is her first baby whom I love to bits. Our meet-ups have evolved into a customary give and take. She asks questions about the early stages of motherhood. I rack my brain to come up with some worthwhile suggestions for her. We part and I am the one who has received the blessing. Her joy-filled, spirit-filled, love-filled eagerness to do right by this little guy leaves me awestruck.

I love you K.

Sorry about the little sunburn B.

I guess we’re not perfect


If you need me I’ll be at the gym June 5, 2008

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Yesterday the computer and I went over to Noelle’s after she got off work. She met me in the parking lot with her AK-47 and forced me to go to Susie Cakes with her and Rob. The whole way there I screamed, “But this isn’t on the June Menu!” And then I smelled that buttercream and cake combo as we walked up and happily handed over my $27.00 for a little cupcake (okay $3.00), and I actually bought 4 cupcakes and the whoopie pie above. Is it named that because it might just be better than whoopie?

After we got back, Rob left so Noelle and I set up the computers side by side and put on our geek costumes. We spent the next 4 hours critiquing reading blogs, organizing photos, laughing at Youtube videos, I layed on the floor and read Martha.

And to finish our delightful evening Rob returned just in time to feed us some amazing ribs and mashed potatoes. After which I watched Noelle clean the whole thing up.

I love you guys!!

I’m off to the gym before all that buttercream finds a nice cozy place in my heart.


It could all backfire on us June 3, 2008

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June Menu June 1, 2008

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We just got back from another great camping trip with friends. I thought I would include this food related shot.

Photos, then food

Phaith, photos, food

Phaith, photos, books, food

What do you know I’m meal planning for the second month in a row–a record for this modern frenetic homemaker. A couple of great things to report for May’s menu 1) Yes, that was me whistling and carrying on a genuine conversation with the kids as we shopped. It felt so great not to have to make decisions at the store. 2) Having the whole month planned out was way better than trying to do it week by week. It just goes by to fast. 3) If somebody didn’t like something I blamed it on the schedule, and it worked!!

Now, the drawbacks. And these are things that I just cannot figure out on paper generally; I have to be in it and doing it to see where the changes need to be made. 1) I did not account for leftovers enough 2) Things can be repeated even if it looks boring on the menu 3) We are not always home at snack time so car snacks need to be easy. Or you can take the position that I’m leaning toward which is why do we need to eat every time we get in the freakin’ car? I never remember snacks or even water in the car when I was a kid and no one dehydrated or starved..hmmm…

I’ve also added some links to good raw food sites on the side bar. I’ve been so inspired by the people I’ve met who have committed to eating so cleanly. Your creativity and passion for great food makes my jaw drop (at which point I shovel in as many raw brownie balls as possible) .

Enjoy your June!!

Recipe links:

Cooked Millet w/ Dates and Mandarins

Banana Energy Sundae

Kermit’s Dip

Scallops and Asparagus Risotto

Sage and Garlic Turkey Burgers