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Birth Options Meeting July 3, 2008

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I know there a lot of mammas (and dads) who are interested in the full spectrum of birthing choices,
so I thought I would post this in case anyone is interested. You can go to the website to get more info.

Community Alliance for Birth Options (Project CABO)

There is a very important discussion taking place regarding women’s options in childbirth.

Tuesday, July 8th at 6:30pm

Ladera Ranch Town Hall Meeting

Covenant Hills Clubhouse

1 Covenant Hills Drive

Whether you are pregnant, want to become pregnant or have pregnant loved ones, this topic is relevant to ALL families. Whatever your birth choices are, please help protect your right
to make them.


3 Responses to “Birth Options Meeting”

  1. homeforjoy Says:

    After having twins in the hospital when we decided we wanted more children we knew we did not want to use the hospital for so many reasons. but if a Mother has known no other way and will not try to even consider a different way then she will infact never understand just how much of a role the hospital “procedure” plays in dividing the mothers natural attachment to her own child with their all important protocol. My homebirth/waterbirth story I share here,
    By the way any of your readers who think formula companies have the babies best interest at heart should research the following that I have wanted to post on my blog but have not had the time; also a book called The baby food wars very interesting study although I have to say I do not support the UN at all but if you arejust simply a women wiht these concerns youw ould have to consider many aspects of this study as important. The link was too long to put up google this name Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation with baby food wars. The short story is formula companies sent nurse maids to third world countries to encourage formula feeding of course with the dirty water mixing the powder led to much illness for the infant and the natural birth control of nursing taken away created a birth explosion.Another intersting tidbit did you know that formula companies play a role in the design of l&d and Newborn nursery?
    Any reader should think before criticizing homebirth if this choice is lost how far could that go….china is only allowed one child with forced mandatory abortions think think think population control….dirty water….population control…..poor hospital practices increase death….population control….death and fear has always controlled and persuaded the masses what controls and persuades you?

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s fine if you choose not to use a hospital, but I find it rather selfish. You are putting your baby at risk. Problems may arise that can cause your child to die. Is that what you want to do just to have your ideal birthing situation? When people make the argument that women have been giving birth for years, they forget to mention that children have been dying for years. We have hospitals, doctors, nurses, NICU staff, etc. for a reason. If you had brains, you would choose to deliver in a hospital.

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