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The mean girls have found me July 7, 2008

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I wonder if I jinxed myself when I included this sentence in the “About Me” section referencing my high school years (which ended 14 years ago), “Dealt with acne and mean girls.” The following comment came through for my approval a few days ago. I believe it was posted by a woman I went to school with. I could be wrong, correct me if you know.

She is not happy that I defended my close friend’s right to seek the birth she desires by finding support and educating herself on birth choices that extend beyond the obstetrical community.

“Author : gina jansson
E-mail :
jenny- I totally agree with you! Good for you for standing up for yourself. I have two kids with one on the way and i trust my dr. 100%. I did not have to have a c- section with either child but if i was told to have one for the safety of myself and the baby i would in an instant. Everybodys experience is different!! As long as your happy and your holding a beautiful healthy baby at the end then mission accomplished.Shalimar get off your high horse and try to be a liitle more respectful to your friend. So you have an opinion about childbirth so what. We all have strong opinions about alot of things but most people choose not to belittle their friends and others in the process. Well me and my dirty hospital babies are off to the beach.Jenny stay strong–shalimar get a life!!! peace out”

Well…. I guess I need to clarify some things about this blog. Firstly, and hopefully obviously, it’s about my life. If you can comment on something that I’ve written, I have to believe that you’ve chosen to spend your free time here reading about it–my life, the one I have.

For that I am grateful to you.

This blog is a tool I use to connect with others while I experience life as an oft-isolated homemaker in the 21st century. It’s where I share my well-researched strong opinions on just about everything, especially my love of midwifery and original forms of healthcare and child-rearing. It’s where I share my photography and hone my writing and debate skills. It’s where I share my successes and failures as I try to lead a considered life in a world full of sheeple.

If there are any comments that are meant to call me out as a liar or a hypocrite I will save you the effort.

I am a liar and a hypocrite (and at times really shallow).

Who might enjoy this blog:

Vegans who occasionally eat at In-N-Out, runners who hate running, people willing to breastfeed a five year-old, those with even remedial critical thinking skills, people who hate glitter, people that love information in chart form, people who have spanked in anger, people who recognize Jesus as the greatest rebel the world has ever known and as God, people handy with a sewing needle, people who liquify greens and make their kids drink it, all Juice-Plus+ reps, a good number of Dr. Laura listeners, anyone who knew Seezaar the cat well enough to hate him, parents offended by Disney princesses even though they own some gear, procrastinators, vacilators, people who slam on the brakes when they see free furniture on the sidewalk, everyone debating whether or not they’re done adding to the population, parents who opted out of the government’s vaccination plan, a significant amount of fair-goers and country dwellers, homeschoolers, a handful of graphic designers, anyone fighting media addictions, Dave Eggers fans

Who might not enjoy this blog:

Most likely the entire staff at Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group, the easily-offended, people who refer to daycare as “school”, anyone informed about the world solely by T.V. news

If you need me, or Gina for that matter, we’ll be at the beach with our dirty hospital babies (her words, not mine).

How did she know about my high horse anyway?

1980-Cheyenne the Wonder Horse


7 Responses to “The mean girls have found me”

  1. Grammy Lammy Ding Dong Says:


    Cut off her access…who needs her opinion on “your” site.

  2. Noelle Says:

    Amen sister, uh, i mean cuz!
    If you arent here to tell us blog- readers the other side of the coin then who will?!?!.
    So to the person who wrote that comment…..suck it up and butt out.

    PS. – This is why i love Shailmar…..from that comment she is able to recall the perfect picture to add to the end of this post to make us all smile.


  3. Jen Baker Says:

    I must declare that I love glitter, but I’m still going to visit your blog because it’s so good. And the best part is that even though I have a hospital baby and a love of glitter, I know you will not shun me.

    “Sheeple”…love it!

  4. Ann McClintock Says:

    You are amazing! If they start cloning people, you should be at the front of the line. I bet the opinion nazi is feeling about “this big” to get called out like that. I have two filthy hospital babies, both brought into this wonderful, though sometimes snarky, world by c-section. Too often, the end result of pregnancy is out of our control. It would be nice to be more than a spectator in these priceless moments.
    Anyone who thinks that their doctor is the end all, be all authority on their body (and more importantly, their heart) needs to get a reality check.

  5. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Hi my sweetie….I HATE MEAN PEOPLE !!! Life is too short . I totally agree with your cuz,way to go with the great picture![ It did make me smile ] You information is very knowledgeable and makes us all think deeper than just accepting what has always been. More people need to educate themselves. ‘sheeple’ for sure… I love you and you keep going strong…

  6. lindsey Says:

    oh, how you make me laugh! hilarious! i love the list of people who would like your blog. i fit perfectly into half and totally contrast the other half! i love to hear your opinions because i know they are really well thought out, even if they’re not the same as mine. and this is YOUR blog – say whatever the heck you want!

  7. Kevin Says:

    I stopped getting my dog Cocoa rabies vaccinations because I thought the probability of them killing her was higher than her being bit by a rabid animal, the population of which in my backyard is approximately zero. i told the city she had passed away when they sent the license renewal notice. They actually sent me back a note with their sympathy, tehe.

    I know you will, but please keep current on the research on child vaccinations.

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