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“Hey, waddya doin’?” July 15, 2008

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You know how during your day you have certain people that are your go-to people when you need some gripping conversation? Mine are Bri and my dad. Our job descriptions are vastly different; sometimes I dial without remembering just how different. With Bri I get life’s underbelly and tragedy:



“Waddya doin?”

“Just cleaning up some brain matter. What are you doin’?”

“Ew! Just making the kids some…scrambled..eggs..well gotta go!”

With my dad it’s a different story (he’s the crazy guy down below that gives me weird future glimpses of Wyatt). He works in media, which we could argue is also the underbelly and frequently tragic, but the stories he spins usually make me laugh instead of throw up in my mouth. He knows that I find the entertainment facade completely fascinating, and he (unlike me), could not be less impressed by all the hoopla. I think I should have majored in sociology.

So here’s today’s exchange:

“Hey dad, what er ya doin’?”

“Oh, just drove David Archuleta back to his hotel.”

“Oh yeah, who’s that, some new guy at work?”

Note: If you remember, we gave up the el tubo right as the new season of American Idol was starting (more on this later), so I’m completely clueless about who this guy is.

“No, he’s the guy that won American Idol.”

“Oh sweet! Did you talk to him?”

“ know…I was trying to give him advice on handling bad press.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I told him that whenever anyone says anything negative about you, it’s best not to defend it directly, but instead just say something nice about yourself.”

“Hm, good advice.”


6 Responses to ““Hey, waddya doin’?””

  1. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Too funny….Who is that young man? hahahaha…

  2. Noelle Says:

    what – is your dad the driver to the stars all of a sudden?

  3. The Hubbie Says:

    I love that guy. He has always got a surprising twist to his day. No matter how mundane(is that correct) he can put an interesting spin on it, without being politically correct.

  4. mothersandothers Says:

    I know he sounds like he’s a chauffeur huh? LOL

  5. mothersandothers Says:

    Auntie, don’t you love that old photo? What am I talking about, of course you love it, it’s old and it’s a photo. Hee. When I see pictures of him that young I wonder if we had been from the same generation would we have been friends? What do you think??? I probably would have thought he was a punk with a cool car…

  6. Auntie Vickie Says:

    I think you would have been friends indeed….he has a great sense of humor and he loves pictures and photography as much as we do..hahaha….

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