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To-Do List August 28, 2008

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You may be embarrassed to learn that you know someone whose Life To-Do List includes the following:

1. This and that

2. Something else

3. Learn to tie head scarf like Erykah Badu

4. blah, blah, blah

Possible pitfalls:

It could look like Britney’s. Hmm.

Help me out University of You Tube!

Nailed it. Pretty much.


The Vacay Vid is Outta the Hopper August 27, 2008

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Follow me to my blog home theater.


Clarity August 22, 2008

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Amaiah, I love you. You make me laugh 100% of the time. When you’re done showering outside (at like

8:00 am) can you please take care of your wet clothes?

This is not even close to what I meant:


USA, USA, …. August 14, 2008

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We’re back, we’re sun-damaged. At 5:30 pm the car thermometer registered 112. Oy vey!

Anyway, while the vacay photos are in post, and by post I mean that I’m going to read at night rather than edit photos, let’s talk about the Olympics, and by Olympics I mean Michael Phelps. We’ve been loving watching the swimming! I wish I had video of Brian and I ignoring the kids in the pool while we race up and back pretending we’re professionals. I ask if he thinks I’m good and he points out that when I concentrate on my arms, my legs stop kicking. I guess I should have stuck with gymnastics.


Vacation and Vodka (a funny side note) August 2, 2008

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Well, we’re outta here for a week. Off to get sunburned. I thought I’d leave you with a funny Vodka-as-deodorant update instead of August’s Menu.

So I bought a little squeeze bottle for my Vodkarant (that’s it’s new name). It works well. My brain apparently does not. There seems to be a strong association between liquid on a cotton ball and my face because I’ve officially wiped vodka all over it twice now. I promise to share photos if something terribly hideous or remarkably wonderful happens.

See you in a week!