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We’re off again… September 22, 2008

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Apparently a few people on our street like to camp.

They don’t like it as much as we do though!

This is my usual before trip sign-off. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Love you


My mom loves doing laundry!

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A few days ago Wyatt came home from school expressing total concern that we have not done class laundry yet, “..but ALL the other moms have.” I assured him that we have not been in school long enough for all the other moms to have done the laundry. All seemed understood. At pick-up, as I was waiting for him, one of the other moms taps my shoulder and says, “Yeah, it was really sweet, Wyatt volunteered you guys for laundry this weekend.”

And I have to admit, it was fun washing all their little classroom treasures. These are the hats they wear on the playground and every Friday for Nature Walk Day. Sometimes when they’re out and about they use their hats as bowls, as I had to shake popcorn bits from all of them.


If you give a girl a pile… September 15, 2008

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…and zero budget, she can still make art!


Summer, you get back here right now! September 9, 2008

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Is it possible to deny summer it’s exit? I’ll tie it to the tree in our backyard and make it stay. To remain in the spirit of things I’ve

1. Given the toes a coat of Wyatt’s Swim Trunks Blue

2. When Amaiah and I came into some achingly good peaches, if I’m figuring correctly, we ate about 5-10 lbs with about a quart of Agave drizzled on.


Bunnies for my sick Little Honey September 7, 2008

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Amaiah was don’t-move-me-off-the-couch sick yesterday, and Brian and the little man were away in San Diego overnight so my mom came over to keep us girls company for a bit in the afternoon. We all had a good time chatting as I worked on a project I’ve been wanting to do. I sewed and cut, Gram flipped and stuffed, Amaiah manned the peddle and voiced opinions about how long sewing a simple bunny or two can take. You can find the tutorial over at Purl.


September Food September 6, 2008

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There’s a lot of food stuff going on around here this month. First, some dang good food reading! After having to check this in and out of the library about four times, I’ve finally finished it. It’s a beautiful piece of non-fiction, and if it doesn’t have you planting asparagus in your front yard, nothing will. Read it!

So I’m only a week late on getting this up. If this is serving no purpose for others, the self-imposed deadline is keeping me accountable to this hungry clan that I want to fill with Godly goodness. Woohoo! I’ve said it before, this is a task I simply hate–the planning! I figure it to be about 79% of the battle in the kitchen for me. Typically I’ll spread out with my binder of recipes, magazines, and any library cookbooks I’ve checked out. Then I sweat, panic, rustle papers, write things, erase things, get distracted, stare at my hands, get sucked into magazine articles, and then, with all that out of my system, I bust it out.

There are so many things I try to take into consideration when feeding us–what’s in season and hasn’t traveled far to reach us (i.e., what grows in this area instead of say Chile), what is minimally processed, contains as little dairy and meat as possible, what was raised and harvested (er, slaughtered) humanely, and so on. It drives me crazy that finding simple, fresh, straight-out-of-the-dirt, neurotoxin-free, antibiotic-free food has become so difficult that eating well, eating in way that not too long ago was considered normal, is now elitist and a counter-culture notion. Grrrr…

Meanwhile, back at the menu…

Once I pencil it all in I make copies of all the recipes. I put all the recipes behind the menu, and that all goes into a plastic sleeve and hangs on the fridge. A menu packet! This way I don’t have to pull out any cookbooks, binders, etc. over the course of the month. Shal, you’re probably asking, why not just put your originals in your nifty packet? Why all the copying? And the answer my friend, is because at the end of the month I can then file away the entire packet which can be pulled out at any time to be used again. That way we can be at the park instead of waiting for me to meal plan! LOL. This month I’m also going to include a shopping list (it’s waiting for me to type it) because that takes me awhile as well. I broke it down into two weekly shopping trips. I think Saturday and Wednesday will work for us just based on our Farmers’ Markets and when shelves get restocked. Also, if anyone wants a packet e-mail me. It will save you a month’s worth of planning!

Lastly, some friends and I signed up for the Green Smoothie Challenge. Want to do it with us? It’s just adding a green smoothie to your diet everyday for a couple of weeks. They send you the recipes. Come on, your insides will thank you for it! You can start with this one, courtesy of my mom. Thanks mom!

Happy Eating!


Kindy September 3, 2008

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It went well. For just a moment I choked up. Luckily I was hiding behind a honking camera and not the little pocket one I intended to bring but couldn’t find, anywhere. And off the boy ventured, into the clear blue yonder it feels like. Leading a pack of boys to “spy on the girls” and “make a tent” he tells me. Note: crying now. I will miss our uninhibited days for sure. Minutes, moments, hours, very long weeks, whole years that I had you all to myself. A reward that I will be forever grateful not to have missed.