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Kindy September 3, 2008

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It went well. For just a moment I choked up. Luckily I was hiding behind a honking camera and not the little pocket one I intended to bring but couldn’t find, anywhere. And off the boy ventured, into the clear blue yonder it feels like. Leading a pack of boys to “spy on the girls” and “make a tent” he tells me. Note: crying now. I will miss our uninhibited days for sure. Minutes, moments, hours, very long weeks, whole years that I had you all to myself. A reward that I will be forever grateful not to have missed.


3 Responses to “Kindy”

  1. noelle Says:

    he looks so big, hangin out with his friends. just think of all the new things that will happen ahead! all the stories that he will be coming home with!

  2. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Oh my goodness…how did that happen? I am loving the cool sunglasses.He sure looks like you in the picture of him on the bridge! Have fun in school Wyatt,I know you will have some great stories to share with your folks…Good job ,Shal on the first day pictures ! You will really treasure auntie v

  3. Grammy Says:

    Oh, what a precious moment and snapshot in time. I love the “spy on the girls” comment! That’s what he told me he did when I called and asked how his first day went. When I asked him: “What was the best part of school?”…he thought for a second and said: “There wasn’t a best part…it was all great!”. I love you Wyatt!


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