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Photo Shoot Thursday (lots of Thursdays ago) October 29, 2008

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Just before my all-day-and-all-night sickness kicked in and my body started acting like Linda Blair in the The Exorcist, I had the pleasure of a session with some of our good friends (you probably recognize them from other posts). I’ve learned the trick to shooting kids is low expectations. I go into it expecting no posing, no smiles. It never really looks like anything organized is taking place–the kids hold the camera and take pictures of me, sometimes we just sit, sometimes we roll around, freeze tag is usually involved, and almost always the shoes come off. And somewhere in between all that, I sneak in some shots. I thought you might enjoy some of them. Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure this is the only blog post on the web that manages to reference The Exorcist and childrens photography.

And of course, some of my own…


Tinctures and gratitude

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The good news to pass along is I’m officially having some decent moments. Physically speaking, my midwife Michelle and my amazing chiropractor, Dr. Jen, seem to have found the organs unhappy with all the extra hormones and have stablized me enough that I can get out during good times and do some of my usual things. Emotionally speaking, I wanted to express my gratitude to my husband and to you-you that are taking Wyatt to school, arranging playdates for Amaiah, you that are cooking in my kitchen for my family and yours so that I can see a mother doing normal things, you that are coming over and crafting with my kids, you that are letting me spend the night at your house because I can’t stand my couch or bed for one second longer, you that constantly leave me messages because you know I’m listening even when I’m not picking up, to you who traveled from another state and offered to do my laundry, to you who have set up a temporary theater in my living room, to you that are reaching out to me even though you are fighting your own illness that won’t necessarily bring with it a great reward at the end. I see the spirit of Christ so clearly in you all.

Love you!


We’re pregnant…keep calm and carry on October 14, 2008

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This my friends, out of all possible ways to announce our good news, is not my first choice. Sending you a text message even would probably have seemed more personal than this. Sorry. After much thought, debate, interviewing of others, prayer, and practice, we decided that our kids will indeed (hopefully) benefit from having more genetic allies on the planet.

That being said, I’m sicker than someone who simultaneously has malaria, that mysterious bird flu, and a massive hangover, while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle during winter with a bundle of rotting animal (you choose) entrails hanging just in front of their nose…with nine months to go. It’s a rough ride for me to say the least. It’s a rough ride for my fantastically capable husband and kids who’ve watched me fill ziploc after ziploc of not-so-nice stuff.

I share this with you so that you might lift us up in prayer. Typically I’m in and out of the hospital to be rehydrated a number of times. Sadly, I missed my Gram’s 80th a week or so ago for this reason and my favorite Girls’ Weekend.

I also share this with you to let you know there may be a break in my blogging, e-mailing, crafting, card-sending, birthday-remembering, etc.

We will however, be lifted up by hearing your voices so please keep in touch with us!!!!