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Christmas is over, now get some sleep December 27, 2008

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By now you know how I am about getting my issues of Mothering–about as happy as I am to get your Christmas cards in the mail. I am willing to completely ignore my children while I read about how I can be more conscience in my parenting. LOL. The latest issue has a great article on the topic of sharing sleep with your children which made me completely, warming nostalgic for our babymoon with Wyatt (Amaiah would have not part of this practice no matter how much I begged). And as I am about to embark on this task once again, it also reminded me that this is often the only way parents can get some good sleep. Are these great images or what? Whether you’re sharing your warmth and dreams with a little one or not, I wish you long hours of deep winter rest.



To you and yours… December 23, 2008

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“Mary Had A Baby Born In A Manger

Mary What To, Mary What To Do?

Oh, Before The Vow Was Made, In Your Belly Laid The King

Sing Mary, Sing

Lullabye The King

Born To Be Our Pardon

No Longer Shall We Weep

Come Soften What Was Hardened

Sing Mary, Sing”

Jennifer Knapp

I love that song!

Well, the cards are out. Big cheshire cat grin. The candles are out. The bathroom rug has been flipped. We’re officially ready for 24 rowdy rounds of Bunco on Christmas night. Are you coming?

I wish you a wonderful, meaningful Christmas season everyone!

* And a big thanks to Wyatt who actually needed no convincing that taking a picture of his shadow would turn out cool


They win! December 22, 2008

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You know I love them all, but this one had me rolling this year. We’ve known Jon and Su since high school and have loved watching their family grow and grow.

Here is how Su has unknowingly helped me become a more relaxed boy mommy this year.



Enchanted Fairy Market (and my enchanted fairy) December 13, 2008

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It was a wonderfully cloudy day yesterday, my absolute favorite for photo taking. When I grabbed my camera however, the only thing that followed me outside were these bibs. Apparently I have to start paying my models. Nah, I’ll just have another baby who’ll sit there for free.

For the holidays Wyatt’s school sets up an Enchanted Fairy Market for the kindy kids to do some Christmas shopping for their loved ones. Each family is asked to donate a certain number of handmade or purchased natural gifts. Some of the items might be candles, soup mixes, bookmarks, shell-filled or marble-filled pouches, etc. I decided to sew so I needed to pick something fairly easy and quick (since I had to make 10 of them). I decided on this simple bib pattern because it seems like almost all of the kids come to school with a younger sibling in tow. I was able to use fabric I already had, including the white chenille on the back which is probably a really wacky color choice for a bib, but I have like 20 yards of the stuff leftover from a slipcover project. So white it had to be.



Then, what do you know, my own little fairy decided to dig herself out of the nest she builds for her and the dog and join me under the clouds. Have I mentioned how much I love this child? She is everything I love about Brian and more, rolled up into this little girl body.





Until I get it together… December 12, 2008

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I love opening Christmas cards! And I’m determined to get back on track this year, with at least a photo going out. So, until I do that….you can enjoy last year’s, which I actually posted at the beginning of this year. Ha. So blog tacky I know.

Happy New Year


The whup whup December 5, 2008

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This my friends is called uterine memory. The body just gettin’ to it at only 13 weeks.


We had a midwife visit this week and I wanted to share it with you since not everyone is clear about midwifery, we weren’t until we had Amaiah. Hopefully if I bring you along to our visits it may become clear why we choose to birth at home.

Oh yeah, so yes, we go to visit her at her office. We do this until the last few weeks of the pregnancy, then she comes to the house to do exams and to make sure we have other stuff ready. More on that later.

Our midwife, Michelle, runs a practice called Birth Matters. You can read more about it here.

This sign always makes me laugh because it’s miniscule and yet it says something so freakin’ important!


When I arrive for my appointment the first thing I do is check my urine and my weight.

This is also true if you are seeing an OB, except they do it for you. As simple as this is, I find that it always sets the tone for me and doing these two basic tasks before I even talk to anyone somehow reminds that I’m in charge here.



Here’s Michelle and me. Some history. I found her four years ago when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Amaiah. Yes, in week 38 of 40. We were set to deliver in the hospital the way we had with my son previously-naturally, with no interventions (IV’s, constant electronic fetal monitoring, etc.). This was extremely challenging in a hospital setting, but we had had an amazing Bradley instructor who schooled us like no other about what it would take to have a natural childbirth in an American hospital. We had a rock solid birth plan, we even role-played how Brian would diplomatically talk to nurses and others who would not be asking permission to do things, but would instead just be doing them. Brian was a superstar–my protector, my guardian, my coach, the ultimate informed partner, and this made that kind of birth in that setting possible. So when it came time to go over the birth plan for Amaiah’s birth and the OB starting telling me what he would and wouldn’t allow I threw in the towel and decided that I did not need to fight that fight all over again. The fight to be left alone and trusted and encouraged, instead of scared. So I interviewed a couple of midwives on the recommendation of others and ended up choosing Michelle for a couple of reasons: the girl has been doing this a long time and knows what natural birth should look like (unlike OB’s, who almost never witness a natural birth), I figured that if there’s anyone who could recognize a true glitch, it would be her, and I really liked her voice. I could tell right away that if I threw some f-bombs her way, she and the rest of my team could talk me down off that cliff. And she did, and giving birth in my own bed was as incredible as everyone promised me it would be. So here we are again.


At the beginning of the visit we just talk, for as long as I need. Sometimes we do this part outside if it’s nice.

Then she measures the size of my uterus and, if I want, she uses a doppler to listen to the heartbeat. For those that do not want anything electronic used she also has one that she can hold to the uterus that works somewhat like an amplified stethoscope. I’m okay with the electronic kind for this. Do you see that smile on my face? That’s because I’m hearing the whup, whup, whup of the baby’s heart. Wyatt said he thinks I’m growing a helicopter. It’s just about the best sound I can think of these days. It’s very comforting in the weeks before you feel movement. I was listening closely, I think I half expected to hear a voice say, “Mom, I’m going to be your easiest delivery yet, I promise.”



If you salt it, I will eat it

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Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is 10,000 boxes that look like this


Now is not a good time for my appetite to be making even a guest appearance. It’s a really really bad time in fact. Seriously, right before Christmas? I’m in trouble. For the past three plus months food has meant nothing to me, which has been absolute torture. I’m an emotional eater to the core. Give this flesh happy food or a hot shower to solve all it’s problems. This way of coping seems to work out for me because I know enough about nutrition (and several vegans) to balance out my indulgences, and I have a very agreeable metabolism to take care of it. My brain has been in constant overdrive lately trying to make my body and spirit feel better by thinking of foods that have made us happy in the past. This usually involves some combo of salt and sweet–either sweet things get salted or salty things are eaten with a bite of sweet somethin’. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is a midwest practice right? When I was a kid things like watermelon and cantaloupe were just not eaten with out a couple of shakes of iodized heaven. So…I am always happy to see packages that say things like “salt” and “caramel”. However, I’m picky, and snarky, and I’m inevitably disappointed by the salt sugar ratio.

Enter some geniuses at Trader Joe’s

Can you see the chunks of sea salt on these babies? They’re perfection!


Happy Christmas indulging my loved ones!