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The whup whup December 5, 2008

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This my friends is called uterine memory. The body just gettin’ to it at only 13 weeks.


We had a midwife visit this week and I wanted to share it with you since not everyone is clear about midwifery, we weren’t until we had Amaiah. Hopefully if I bring you along to our visits it may become clear why we choose to birth at home.

Oh yeah, so yes, we go to visit her at her office. We do this until the last few weeks of the pregnancy, then she comes to the house to do exams and to make sure we have other stuff ready. More on that later.

Our midwife, Michelle, runs a practice called Birth Matters. You can read more about it here.

This sign always makes me laugh because it’s miniscule and yet it says something so freakin’ important!


When I arrive for my appointment the first thing I do is check my urine and my weight.

This is also true if you are seeing an OB, except they do it for you. As simple as this is, I find that it always sets the tone for me and doing these two basic tasks before I even talk to anyone somehow reminds that I’m in charge here.



Here’s Michelle and me. Some history. I found her four years ago when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Amaiah. Yes, in week 38 of 40. We were set to deliver in the hospital the way we had with my son previously-naturally, with no interventions (IV’s, constant electronic fetal monitoring, etc.). This was extremely challenging in a hospital setting, but we had had an amazing Bradley instructor who schooled us like no other about what it would take to have a natural childbirth in an American hospital. We had a rock solid birth plan, we even role-played how Brian would diplomatically talk to nurses and others who would not be asking permission to do things, but would instead just be doing them. Brian was a superstar–my protector, my guardian, my coach, the ultimate informed partner, and this made that kind of birth in that setting possible. So when it came time to go over the birth plan for Amaiah’s birth and the OB starting telling me what he would and wouldn’t allow I threw in the towel and decided that I did not need to fight that fight all over again. The fight to be left alone and trusted and encouraged, instead of scared. So I interviewed a couple of midwives on the recommendation of others and ended up choosing Michelle for a couple of reasons: the girl has been doing this a long time and knows what natural birth should look like (unlike OB’s, who almost never witness a natural birth), I figured that if there’s anyone who could recognize a true glitch, it would be her, and I really liked her voice. I could tell right away that if I threw some f-bombs her way, she and the rest of my team could talk me down off that cliff. And she did, and giving birth in my own bed was as incredible as everyone promised me it would be. So here we are again.


At the beginning of the visit we just talk, for as long as I need. Sometimes we do this part outside if it’s nice.

Then she measures the size of my uterus and, if I want, she uses a doppler to listen to the heartbeat. For those that do not want anything electronic used she also has one that she can hold to the uterus that works somewhat like an amplified stethoscope. I’m okay with the electronic kind for this. Do you see that smile on my face? That’s because I’m hearing the whup, whup, whup of the baby’s heart. Wyatt said he thinks I’m growing a helicopter. It’s just about the best sound I can think of these days. It’s very comforting in the weeks before you feel movement. I was listening closely, I think I half expected to hear a voice say, “Mom, I’m going to be your easiest delivery yet, I promise.”



5 Responses to “The whup whup”

  1. Grammy Says:

    Oh so sweet…who is that little blessing from God? So, so exciting!

    Guess at some point it will be time to retire my Wyatt & Amaiah coffee mug (part of my daily wake-up routine) and get one that says “We Love You – Wyatt, Amaiah, and ?????”!


  2. It is good to see that smile again.Looking forward to seeing that belly grow with such a special little one inside .love you

  3. noelle Says:

    i like the layer you did on the first one… glad to know things are moving along…will talk to you about it on wed!

  4. Courtney Says:

    Hey Shal –
    I love your little bump so early on! I could not believe how fast I’ve grown this time around. I hope you’re feeling better these days, hopefully we will see each other soon. Happy Holidays! btw…you’re a rock star blogger through all of this. I think I may have done 2 and I’m 30 weeks now!!!

  5. Kevin Says:

    was expecting to see her pull out a string with a can tied to each end, lol j/k based on results only, last time you produced a gem. i wouldnt change a thing

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