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Enchanted Fairy Market (and my enchanted fairy) December 13, 2008

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It was a wonderfully cloudy day yesterday, my absolute favorite for photo taking. When I grabbed my camera however, the only thing that followed me outside were these bibs. Apparently I have to start paying my models. Nah, I’ll just have another baby who’ll sit there for free.

For the holidays Wyatt’s school sets up an Enchanted Fairy Market for the kindy kids to do some Christmas shopping for their loved ones. Each family is asked to donate a certain number of handmade or purchased natural gifts. Some of the items might be candles, soup mixes, bookmarks, shell-filled or marble-filled pouches, etc. I decided to sew so I needed to pick something fairly easy and quick (since I had to make 10 of them). I decided on this simple bib pattern because it seems like almost all of the kids come to school with a younger sibling in tow. I was able to use fabric I already had, including the white chenille on the back which is probably a really wacky color choice for a bib, but I have like 20 yards of the stuff leftover from a slipcover project. So white it had to be.



Then, what do you know, my own little fairy decided to dig herself out of the nest she builds for her and the dog and join me under the clouds. Have I mentioned how much I love this child? She is everything I love about Brian and more, rolled up into this little girl body.





3 Responses to “Enchanted Fairy Market (and my enchanted fairy)”

  1. thelesages Says:

    GOOD JOB!!! your sewing skills are rockin now!

  2. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Well look at you !! Those are so cute.Can adults wear them too?[ I loved the brown polka dot one] and the chenille is oh so soft, who wouldn’t love to have that ! Oh and by the way that little girl is such a cutie patootie !!!! way to go honey…Love Auntie V

  3. Kevin Says:

    with her smile she’s joy incarnate

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