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What’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich like me? January 12, 2009

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We spent some time at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego this weekend and now these lyrics are stuck in my head.

Here’s how the weekend began: in a limo. When’s the last time you found yourself in a limo? Same here. We were celebrating our friend Tyler’s 30th with a trip down to San Diego. Have you ever been the completely sober clearly pregnant girl in the middle of the dance floor at a totally way-too-hip club? Me either! I wish someone had taken some pictures of me. If you are a Saturday Night Live watcher, think pregnant Amy Poehler in the bar sketch for “I’m No Angel” perfume.


Around 11 we ditched the coolies and headed to our swanky suite at the Hard Rock (thank you to the friend you got me a killer deal on that. xoxoxxo). Good gracious that place is fun. We shared a gourmet grilled ham and cheese and the coziest white bed you’ve ever felt. Yum! Then the next morning we slept in (7:00) and then took a cab over to my favorite restaurant of all time, Hash House.


Here’s what I had. This picture does it no justice, because I was more interested in eating it than shooting it, but just to give you an idea of the scale, it comes on probably a 22″ plate. This reminds me, have I given you a weight update lately? I’m up 25lbs! Thank you Hash House for making it now 31 I’m sure.


After breakfast we caught the train home and waved at all the kids between San Diego and Orange County. Hope your weekend was wonderful too!



4 Responses to “What’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich like me?”

  1. noelle Says:

    how fun!! please oh please tell me you are blowing that last picture up. like monster size??!

  2. Ker Says:

    you forgot to mention that you were the “HOT” totally sober pregnant girl in the club. oh, and could you do a little photo shop on me in the limo photo?

  3. Sarah Says:

    Yay! You had fun. I wanna go clubbing!

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