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Teachers, keep on teachin’ Preachers, keep on preachin’ Lovers, keep on lovin’ January 19, 2009

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Should I just start every entry with song lyrics?

Lake Cachuma

Stevie Wonder singing

Kids sleeping in the hot backseat with sunglasses on

Bumpy road

Inaugural festivities on the radio

America pats it’s own back on being equal because it elected a black president. So glad to hear that racism thing is behind us




Hans Christian Anderson Park







What not to name your bank







6 Responses to “Teachers, keep on teachin’ Preachers, keep on preachin’ Lovers, keep on lovin’”

  1. noelle Says:

    can i be transported to that grassy field please? and what is that tasty treat??

    • mothersandothers Says:

      Okay, the dessert is aebleskiver–Danish doughy pancakey heaven. The light was so beautiful in that park! Very litttle photoshop help to get that great golden sun and green grass.

  2. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Hay I was going to ask the same thing…looks so relaxing and fun. Those were great photos….”I’ll just keep on trying till I reach the higher ground”….love that song..

  3. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Awesome picture of your feet on the rocks near the lake! [ Good pedicure too]Beautiful pictures of the family….

  4. dad Says:

    Oh to live in this kind of place all the time

  5. Sarah Says:

    I adore the ones with Dad and the kids. And I know! About the “we’ve finally conquered racism” thing. As if McCain winning would have meant that we still are a racist country? What the heck. And I thought perhaps MLK was rolling in his grave over all the “now we’ve reached the mountain top” comments. Really? We have? I mean, I am happy HAPPY overjoyed for a million reasons and YES it says something but. But. This is not the mountain top. Not yet.

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