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Dear Jesus, help me to laugh tonight February 18, 2009

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The scene: Mom and Dad’s room, bedtime routine underway, frazzled pregnant tired sore mom sitting on the floor

Me: Wyatt, go get your pajamas on. I’ve told you many times now. If I have to talk again it will be to tell you your consequence.

Amaiah: Dear Jesus, please help Wyatt to listen and go get his pajamas on….

Wyatt: Dear Jesus, please don’t listen to Amaiah.


This weekend in Switzerland… February 17, 2009

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Okay, so I only felt like I was in Switzerland, or how I imagine it might feel in a Swiss chateau. This weekend we were invited to spend some time with our friends Jason and Lisa in Arrowhead. Prepare to get jealous (of them, not us). Lisa’s grandparents swung a hammer for the better part of a decade building this great house tucked up off a windy road amongst a forest of huge trees. They no longer live there, but have left the place completely furnished and stocked for the family’s use, which apparently is pretty much just Jason and Lisa, and now us. This is the second time they’ve invited us this year so we must have been well-enough behaved the first time. They even bring the food and cook for us. I keep waiting to get a bill in the mail but they insist they just like us. It turns out we’re all quite compatible–Jason, Bri, and the kids love to play in the snow, and Lisa and I it turns out, love to read and nap! Thank you friends!!



Just because February 12, 2009

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Amaiah and her best friend today. It just makes me smile.



Learning to make collages…. February 10, 2009

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So I’m diving head first without a helmet into the collage foray in Photoshop. I took the photos of the littlest one here and made this collage for my friend Sarah. What do you think? I wanted to change the red square to a pink that was somewhere between the color of Baby Girl’s shoes and her lips, BUT I decided that AFTER I made the red and didn’t know how to go back at that point. No doubt it will bug me enough to keep me up well into some night to change it. LOL



The contents of his pockets February 6, 2009

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Paper, cardboard tube, rubber band, colored pencil, rock, magnifying glass, drawing of sea turtle, dirt



Eat this, February! February 1, 2009

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Friends, the menu, and therefore another shard of me, is back. Remember, I do this mostly for my own organizational sanity and because I love knowing what other people are eating so I figure some of you must also. Two other things: No dish I cook is ever as fancy as it’s name, and we spend a lot of money on good ingredients (we choose that over a long list of things that could be made new in this house, such as the $@#%ing garbage disposal). Let’s move on, quickly.

The book (and author) I have been relishing for sometime now. A wonderful little gem of a soup book. It’s the first cookbook I’ve read cover to cover; his story equals his recipes. I shut it wondering if I was supposed to be reading all my cookbooks.

With great pleasure


Sorry about the small photo, it’s the biggest one I could steal.

So here’s the plan for February. I’m not putting links to the recipes at the end. If you want one e-mail me.