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Eat this, February! February 1, 2009

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Friends, the menu, and therefore another shard of me, is back. Remember, I do this mostly for my own organizational sanity and because I love knowing what other people are eating so I figure some of you must also. Two other things: No dish I cook is ever as fancy as it’s name, and we spend a lot of money on good ingredients (we choose that over a long list of things that could be made new in this house, such as the $@#%ing garbage disposal). Let’s move on, quickly.

The book (and author) I have been relishing for sometime now. A wonderful little gem of a soup book. It’s the first cookbook I’ve read cover to cover; his story equals his recipes. I shut it wondering if I was supposed to be reading all my cookbooks.

With great pleasure


Sorry about the small photo, it’s the biggest one I could steal.

So here’s the plan for February. I’m not putting links to the recipes at the end. If you want one e-mail me.




2 Responses to “Eat this, February!”

  1. Auntie Vickie Says:

    I am just going to start coming to your house for ALL my meals…

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