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The contents of his pockets February 6, 2009

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Paper, cardboard tube, rubber band, colored pencil, rock, magnifying glass, drawing of sea turtle, dirt



6 Responses to “The contents of his pockets”

  1. Wyatt's Dad Says:

    Man oh man. He is going to grow up and be a real live treasure hunter. I hope he cuts his mom and dad in on the action.

  2. lindsey Says:

    total boy, or future macgyver?

  3. noelle Says:

    i say, store those in a glass jar. but then, you’d prob have a house full of glass jars right?

  4. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Little boys are made of ‘ snips and snails and puppy dog tails’…and apparently anything they can put into their pockets…I love that ! Just wait until you start finding money in the laundry,that came from their pockets…now that is good too. I still have a small bank in the laundry room for just that occasion..hehehe.

    • mothersandothers Says:

      I have a little jar out there, but it never gets any fuller so I think that other people know about my jar. Hhmmmm……

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