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Week 30: Follow me to Wackyville March 17, 2009

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Hey everyone, I’ve made it to week 30 of this pregnancy and was feeling so great with the hyperemesis behind me! Thank goodness Noelle even took some really beautiful shots so we have proof. LOL. Unfortunately I was hit with some freaky health issues last week that will probably take me away from this and e-mailing for a while. Last Tuesday I woke up to a spinning world that kept spinning with every head turn. After visiting my doctor and midwife, Brian hauled me to the hospital where I’ve been for the last few days getting tests done and talking to fancy-sounding specialists. The good news is all major causes were pretty well ruled out: stroke, brain tumor, spinal fluid leak, MS, etc. This leaves a diagnosis of Benign Positional Vertigo. Yuck! Like the hyperemesis, it has turned us on our heads around here as we scramble to make up for the loss of mom once again (aah, here comes the swearing and the f%$#&ing tears). It usually lasts 6 weeks or so. Perhaps Brian can give updates here from time to time. Until then, here are some specific prayer requests:

Praise God for the last few weeks of feeling great

Help the kids not to be scared by mommy who moves slow and funny and with a cane sometimes

Help Brian to maintain energy required to take over everything

Humility required to ask for help

Continued protection for developing daughter

Mental peace

Practitioners who can preform maneuvers that provide possible cure

Thanks everyone and we can always be reached by phone!


3 Responses to “Week 30: Follow me to Wackyville”

  1. Auntie Vickie Says:

    My dear Shalimar…sweetie I am so sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this ! I will truly keep you in my prayers. If you need to just cry and swear,I can handle both of those:} I love you and will be in touch soon.Love Auntie V

  2. lindsey Says:

    oh, shal! i don’t even know where to start! i’m so sorry about this and i’ll be praying for you and your family.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Shaly and family:

    I am so deeply sorry you have to cope with this on top of it all!!!! This sucks-to say the least. I am assuming you are out of the hospital? So much white light and energy flows your way in the hopes that this will subside very soon. Ironically, a friend here at work had vertigo not three weeks ago and it passed within 4-5 days. I hope this is the case …
    Love you and thinking of you so much

    The photos of you are GORGEOUS!!!


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