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Your summer project April 28, 2009

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My cousin’s wife Ann pointed out that I’ve been “nesting like a meth head.” So to give me little breaks in my action, and in general just make me really happy, she sends me these blasts from the past that I’ve never laid eyes on. It’s like Christmas all year long I tell you. However, the point of this post is not what you may think. It’s not to point out myself as a baby or my 24 year-old mom who could’ve passed for a junior higher. It’s to point out the groovy chair that she risked both our lives to sit in. I thought that you might enjoy making one yourself as your summer project, so I even found you a tutorial. It’s here.

Happy swinging!



Let’s start at the very beginning… April 25, 2009

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Sarah started my Saturday with this.

Stay til the end

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a musical?

A good song to have in your head all the day long

I love it!


Welcome to week 35 April 20, 2009

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Here’s about three posts squished into one.

It was such a beautiful weekend in this part of the world. The beach refused to be ignored. The kids and Bri were quite mobile, I was not. Luckily, they would run up the sand and check in with me. I used the time to meditate and stretch a little. Wyatt and I did some pretzel art. He put this one on my belly and then stood behind me to take the picture.


Amaiah’s best friend celebrated turning 4. We decided to make her a crown. We were both really happy with how it turned out. Amaiah chose the colors, buttons, and beads, and I acted like I could embroider letters and use fancy stitches on my machine. We used the tutorial and pattern found here.


Here is Baby Dear’s changing table. It was a freebie which makes it even nicer in my opinion. We (mostly Bri) stripped it and then we just put a black rub on it. I found the knobs at Anthropologie for $6. I think they’ll look really great with our new yellow bed.



Keri and Tyler came over for some long overdue food and fellowship. Keri worked on names for me 🙂


Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


Keeping up appearances April 15, 2009

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Brian was worried that this was making him look bad in front of the neighbors (and their gardeners).

But before he had me stop he ran in and got the camera.

It’s all in a day’s work right mamas?

And for the record, he was refinishing the curbside desk/changing table that will be going in our room so I was trying to take care of one of his chores:-)

Never mind all the seemingly dead things behind me



week 34-Supplies they are arrivin’ April 14, 2009

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Welcome to week 34

Along with totally renovating my bedroom/birth space (which is actually happening, yeah!), it’s time to start gathering the supplies. Last week marked the end of us traveling to Michelle for visits. Wyatt and Amaiah will miss playing with Mr. Pouncer Paws while I have my appointment. From here on out she will come to us. During the next visit she will begin to check that we are getting things ready around the house. This will include giving her and her assistant Marsha the lowdown on where things are. In these posts, along with journaling for myself and others, I’m also trying to answer the questions that we get asked most often about homebirth. “What does she do, boil some bedsheets?” comes up a lot, which I guess is someone really asking what tools does a midwife come with or use. So here’s the couple lists she gives to us for you to see. One is for items from a medical supply company. This includes things like alcohol, syringes, gauze, etc. She tells us what she needs and how many, making it very easy to order online. The other is just general items to have ready such as clothing for baby, clothes for me to put on after I shower, etc. It’s really nice when these things are labeled so that no one has to ask the mom or dad (or kiddos) where things are.

We also had to research birth tubs because we have never used one before. It’s amazing how many kinds there are. We ended up going with this one because of the handles and it seemed comfortable for me to lean out of and for anyone to lean into. You can buy them or rent them. We will be setting it up in the next couple of days to make sure there are no leaks. I also want to sit in it a few times so that I’m familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells of it before the big day. This also is part of the preparation for the kids.

The baby is moving a ton still. I’m so antsy to lay eyes, and hands, and kisses on her I can hardly stand it. In the same moment, I have much emotional work to do in order to be ready for this birth.

Let the work continue…





My new uniform April 9, 2009

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Does everyone see this skirt? I just wanted to let you all know that I will be wearing it everyday until the end of this pregnancy. Shoot, I might as well wear it all summer too.



Excuse me while I nest like a complete maniac April 3, 2009

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Today’s topic: My bedroom and whether or not it’s a good idea to completely redo the space you plan to give birth in just weeks before you plan to give birth. Will it throw me off mentally to be in an unfamiliar setting or will I be so happy to finally have it done that I will be able to relax that much more. How will the kids respond? I contemplated posting a “before” photo here so that you can properly appreciate the “after” but decided against it. It’s just toooo shabby, and not even in a remotely chic way. It is a space that we have utterly ignored for the five years that we have been living here. And so far I’ve been pretty successful in keeping most of you from seeing it. So, you want to see the goal?

First you have to meet Henri. Henri Bresson. He’s a photographer that my dad first introduced me to a while back and I fell in love with him. He’s most famous for capturing people in decisive moments. Which street will I take? Will I jump in that puddle? Below is one of my favorite shots of his. I’ve just always been moved by the mood of this shot. I want to see the front of this woman and is she fixing her sweater or doing something else? (Edited 4/7: April wins. She suggested that the woman is probably texting. Aaahhhaa. Love it.)

My biggest connection to it though has got to be the dog.

Enter the first dog I remember, Monty.

Pretty wild how similar they are huh?


So what the heck does this have to do with my bedroom you ask? Okay, here goes. It took me a while but I realized that every idea in my bulging design binder is there because it somehow resonates with a photo I stared at as a child. So, here’s how Bresson’s shot translates into a room for me. I think we can pull it off since there’s little construction involved and I’ve managed to source most of the items. Am I nuts? I feel compelled. I’ll keep you posted.