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Shivohn’s Birth Slideshow May 29, 2009

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Noelle brought the photos over yesterday–less than one week from taking them. This is an absolute record for those of us that could sit an edit things all day:-)

I cried, and then got to work on the slideshow.

We hope you enjoy it!

Click here

I need to add that my labor necklace is made of beads given to me by family and female friends and their young daughters. It was a wonderful thing to rest my eyes on during contractions.


Our daughter has arrived! May 23, 2009

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With love we present

Shivohn Eliese

Praise God


She arrived May 22nd at 3:50pm

Her birth in the water was incredible

Thank you to our birth team and to all of you

Full story to come

Here’s to healing (but no tearing, okay, TMI) LOL



Still hanging in there May 16, 2009

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I’m still great with child

You know, sometimes I just put things up here that make me silly happy

Noelle captured the essence of this relationship

I can’t believe you’re turning six

You: Amaiah, why did you run into my boat? Are you blind?

Amaiah: Yes, I’m blind. My eyes don’t work.

You: Well…uh..there are no blind people allowed on this boat so stop messing it up


Love you!



Progress May 13, 2009

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Sarah and I visited Michelle today and asked her to check me. My braxton contractions have been quite strong lately so I was curious. It turns out I’m at 3cm. Woohoo! Now, while this tells me nothing about when labor might begin it does mean that the contractions have been doing something.


Somewhere in, around, or just past week 37 May 11, 2009

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All right, we’re in need of a serious update here aren’t we. I’m feeling the end of this pregnancy. I talked to out-of-state-Sarah Saturday morning and sounded pathetic enough that she decided to pack and make her five hour drive to our house to give me some friend support and lovin’. She’s been keeping me company, loading me up with protein, pulling my weeds, washing my slipcovers, and smackin’ my kids around. She was out of the country for Amaiah’s birth and is determined not to miss this little one’s entry. I’m so grateful.

Our home visit with Michelle went well. We were cleaning like mad, as if the home birth police were on their way or something.


While we prayed, Wyatt took 110 pictures


I’m happy to announce the gardening effort is pressing forward. We’ve got some seeds started finally.


The bedroom project is also progressing. He started with the closets and when I walked in on this I thought I was going to have to hold this baby in for at least another month. That or come give birth at one of your houses.



After ripping out the vanity they decided it was time for a little saw, hammer, and nail craft.



Here’s what’s complete so far in the room: closets, wall patch and re-texture, paint, baseboards, door trim, caulk everything, interior window pane trim painted black. More photos coming soon.

At school we celebrated May Day. It was a really beautiful event for the children. The eating was great and the flowers were amazing. I brought my birth ball as a chair. LOL