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Shivohn’s Birth Slideshow May 29, 2009

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Noelle brought the photos over yesterday–less than one week from taking them. This is an absolute record for those of us that could sit an edit things all day:-)

I cried, and then got to work on the slideshow.

We hope you enjoy it!

Click here

I need to add that my labor necklace is made of beads given to me by family and female friends and their young daughters. It was a wonderful thing to rest my eyes on during contractions.


11 Responses to “Shivohn’s Birth Slideshow”

  1. Ann McClintock Says:

    I’m speechless, and crying a little. Congratulations again, I am so moved by your strength. Your children are beautiful and the story that they will be able to tell about that day is amazing.

  2. Grammy Says:

    Oh, I’m speechless, overjoyed, and teary-eyed! God is sooooo good! How blessed I am to be called Grammy. This was such an incredible ending to one journey and the precious beginning of another. I will cherish every moment that I get to spend with you my sweet baby Shivohn,,,just as I do with Wyatt and Amaiah. Shalimar and Brian – thank you for letting me be there to witness this miracle of birth. Everything about this day will remain in my heart always! I love you all so very much!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Oh, this is gorgeous. Well done, Noelle. And well done, Shal.

    Love you, Sarah

  4. lindsey Says:

    dangit shal! you’re making me want another! you got me all teary and weapy – absolutely beautiful!

  5. Auntie Vickie Says:

    My dear Shalimar….what can I say ! You are such an amazing woman and loving mother ! This really tugged on my heartstrings …I am very vaklempt…I am so proud of you.You have been through so much during this pregnancy and have just maintained,trusting in the Lord.Shivohn is a beautiful blessing
    {as are you} and I can’t wait to meet her.I am so happy that Noelle was able to experience this first hand with you.What an honor to have been a part of the beginning of a new life…I can’t think of anything better than that…I love you dearly and will see you very soon.Love always and forever,Auntie Vickie

  6. Noelle Says:

    the text just made it! it looks so great! love ya!

  7. karen Says:

    wow, shalimar. that is truly beautiful. you are amazing. congratulations on your sweet new addition. i am so glad to know about your blog. love, karen

    • mothersandothers Says:

      Aaaah Karen, hi!!!!! It’s been far too long. A must be getting so big. I hope you’re well friend.

  8. Deb Says:

    My beautiful friend – you are an inspiration and I love you and your family forever!
    Thanks for blogging……
    Blessings – this is magic!!! Total magic!!

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