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Who hearts babies? June 27, 2009

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I took this photo on one of the last days of school

Bri was standing in the kindy play yard doing his patented baby bounce

not two minutes later when I turned around

he had attracted a whole bench full of little girls who were just staring at him

DSC_0607 copy


Let’s get this summer started June 25, 2009

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This is usually the kind of day that happens right before we all get the flu

So I invite you to enjoy it with us

This week my dad and Crystal have been visiting from out of state. I’ve given them three days to fawn over the baby and wrestle with the big kids.

Now it’s time to work

We had to come up with an alternate plan after our beds were mistakenly sprayed with pesticide. We decided to do some square foot gardening in lieu of soil amending. We were able to find all the supplies at Orange County Farm Supply where we met some fellow gardeners who gave us an amazing gynormous onion.

Anyone coming over for some chips y salsa-de-Brian?

My dad lugged all the soilish stuff to the back where we will mix it all together in the beds, and now they’ve headed off to Home Depot for some drip lines.

True to their personalities, Amaiah has taken her gardening gloves and headed off to HD with the boys, while Wyatt has opted for Monopoly inside with Grandma C.

I actually remembered to put some sun tea out while it was daytime.

Shivohn is sleeping

Not in my arms!!!!



Clearly I have work to do June 23, 2009

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Today’s best snippet of conversation

The scene

Amaiah and I in my bathroom discussing the merits of a hairbrush despite mommy’s strong belief in Amaiah’s self expression.

The word “ragamuffin” was used for the first time

Wyatt (our resident fortune teller and eavesdropper) chimes in from somewhere behind me

“Amaiah, if you go out looking like a ragamuffin no man is going to marry you.

You’ll be poor and have no house.

If an alligator comes up he will eat you because you have no protection (read: structural or human).

So you better comb your hair.”

And here I thought I had been modeling the definition of true beauty for my boy by walking around the house without make-up on.

IMG_1103 copy


Why the Starving kids in China hate us June 20, 2009

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12:03 “Mom, isn’t it time for lunch yet? I’m staaaarving!!”

12:08 “I’m done.”



The Abyss June 19, 2009

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Mom, do you want me to organize your purse for you?



Mom, do you really need this bag of hair in your purse? (See bottom left hand corner of photo)

Yes, it’s been in there since your first haircut and I can’t take it out now!

You’re kidding right?


The power of suggestion June 17, 2009

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The power of suggestion is not lost on the newly born. The day we checked in with the pediatrician he shared with us that he believes much of a newborn’s fussiness happens because they feel sad and homesick for their old home. I think she must have been listening intently to him from my arms since that night she gave me a run for my money and let her sadness flow. As I rocked her I thought more about his opinion and began to feel so sad for her (I know, the hormones don’t help). I pictured her missing her own little warm ocean wondering where the heck that world went. I tried to lay her little funny-haired head on my chest thinking that my heartbeat might prove to her that she’s just on the other side of that world. She was against this. So I just whispered to her and told her how I experienced it. I explained that during her life growing inside me it was as if she were my silent traveling companion. A small but strengthening force riding in one of those backpack carriers as I trekked over the Andes. I told her that right before she was born I became very sad at the thought of our journey in this form coming to an end, even though I knew we would meet up again on a different road and in a different form very soon.

Change is hard isn’t it?

But, without that change we wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes

We wouldn’t be able to kiss your soft little parts

Or say sorry that you got dad’s pinky toes

Or laugh when Amaiah declared upon further inspection, “You guys, she does actually have a neck!”


Note: I really wanted this entry to have a graceful ending but then I hit the wall (not literally). This stressed me out for about ten minutes.

I then remembered that I’m neither in school or working for some high paying publication so I can just end things any old way. In fact, mid-sentence if I


Sigh… June 7, 2009

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What’s better than one daughter with bedhead?


_ copy