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Clearly I have work to do June 23, 2009

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Today’s best snippet of conversation

The scene

Amaiah and I in my bathroom discussing the merits of a hairbrush despite mommy’s strong belief in Amaiah’s self expression.

The word “ragamuffin” was used for the first time

Wyatt (our resident fortune teller and eavesdropper) chimes in from somewhere behind me

“Amaiah, if you go out looking like a ragamuffin no man is going to marry you.

You’ll be poor and have no house.

If an alligator comes up he will eat you because you have no protection (read: structural or human).

So you better comb your hair.”

And here I thought I had been modeling the definition of true beauty for my boy by walking around the house without make-up on.

IMG_1103 copy


3 Responses to “Clearly I have work to do”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Can I borrow Wyatt so he can scare Kamryn into brushing her hair? Too funny 🙂

  2. Grammy Says:

    What a handsome and funny boy! I like how these kids think!!!
    LOL everytime!!

    Love Grams

  3. Auntie Vickie Says:

    He cracks me up…where does he come up with these comments.Those comments are truly keepers…I love it.

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