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Michael and Shalimar sittin’ in a tree…. July 7, 2009

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Thank you to my husband who dug some special mementos of mine out this week


My 9-13 year-old self reflects

I missed the Beatles, Woodstock, I missed Elvis, I missed Kennedy and MLK, I missed Nam and Watergate

but I caught Michael Jackson

I caught that performance

I didn’t realize until last week that I had been a part of something so big. I just thought that that had been my introduction to something brilliantly new. It was the world’s as well as mine it turns out.

Watch it here.

NPR’s Linda Holmes says, “…This is where everyone I knew first saw the moonwalk, and if you weren’t there or didn’t watch it or maybe weren’t a kid at the time, you cannot imagine what a big deal it was…You can hear the crowd scream when he does it here—it’s not a scream of recognition, like it would be when he did it later. It’s a scream of shock.”

I don’t think we need to take any surveys to find out that in 1983 I was the only girl in Deweyville with a Michael Jackson poster over her bed.

He never knew it, but when I was seven he stole my heart.

Remember your first crush? Your first heart-aching crush.

Some of my memories

Pre-MTV, trying to stay up on Friday nights until 12:30 when Friday Night Videos came on just in case they played one of his

Calling 411 and asking for Mr. Michael Jackson in Encino, California please. Then calling the number and freaking out when the woman who answered told me that Michael does not come to the front. I’ll never know who I really called, but when I was eight I believed it was him.

Watching The Making of Thriller and at the end rewinding it (which took the VCR about 20 minutes) and immediately pushing play again.

Being introduced to the concepts of racism and homophobia for the first time

Seeing him in concert

I just can’t believe I’ve lived long enough now to experience an event that will cause me to say to my children,”It’s hard to explain because you just had to be living then.”









5 Responses to “Michael and Shalimar sittin’ in a tree….”

  1. noelle Says:

    seriously, i only caught the recaps from yesterday and still was totally emotional. i really wished that i had a VHS player so that i could watch my Thriller and Moonwalker videos. it would be nice if they werent in utah either…..

  2. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Your tribute is so precious…I love that you have all of those things and that you shared them with us. What fun memories.

  3. lisa Says:

    Thank you for sharing. Lovely to have such sweet memories.

  4. Auntie Vickie Says:

    Hey ….wait a minute ,was that a dig ,Noelle????hehe

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Just amazing…truly amazing. It is as if you were speaking for..and about me as well.

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