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Ode to Summer, Part 1 August 29, 2009

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Good parenting? August 26, 2009

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Do you like this poster? Should I hang it up in their room?


Go here to make your own


Getting our swim on August 25, 2009

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We’ve been swimming…and practicing our photo editing.

DSC_0199 copy


A new victory dance August 16, 2009

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This is what I’ll be doing in the hall the next time I can get Shivohn to sleep before midnight.


Tissue Paper Jar Lanterns August 9, 2009

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Let’s show off a little crafting shall we?

Despite the lack of posts on the subject, we have been doing a good bit of it. Today we made some cool lanterns using jars and tissue paper (a hose was also involved, but I’ll get to that in a minute). In the fall, the kindy classes at Wyatt’s school go on a Lantern Walk. The families gather together for a soup and bread dinner, then the children circle around a fire to hear a story and finally, the night is ended (and Fall welcomed) with a walk in the dark while carrying the handmade lanterns and singing songs. They’re so beautiful and really easy (the lanterns, and for the most part the kids too).

What you need:

Jars without labels (from spaghetti sauce, olives, artichoke hearts, mayo)

White glue

Tissue paper


Wired Jute for handles

small candles

First, everyone pick a jar, or three.


Select some tissue


Cut or tear it into bits


Mix equal parts water and glue. I didn’t want to put glue in my measuring cup so I eyeballed that.


Paint glue onto a small area of your jar and then start pressing on the tissue. I dab and brush on top of the tissue as well. We all did multiple layers, but I like mine smooth while Wyatt preferred his tissue to have folds and bumps. You can also put pressed leaves in between some layers.



Okay, if this next shot happens you, you just have to resist the urge to punch your child square in the face.


Hopefully you have installed carpet tiles that you can just hose off!!


Let the lanterns dry in the sun along with your carpet for a bit and then fashion a handle using this wired jute which I found in the floral department at Michael’s. Don’t make the handle too short–it makes your hand too close to the flame.





Note: I always bend the handle over while these are lit so they’re not directly over the flame.


Wanna hear a funny story? August 4, 2009

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There’s no photo with today’s post. In a few sentences you’ll know why and be relieved. I was telling this story recently and thought it should be enjoyed by a larger audience than just my mom and Brian.

There’s a room in our house who’s large (remember large) window is at street level facing our busy (remember busy) neighborhood street. One night when Wyatt was about a year and a half old we took our shower before bed as usual. For reasons that have escaped me I decided to blow dry my hair, which I never do at night. So Wyatt’s toddling around the room and I’m undressed and bending over (like yoga over) drying my hair, taking a really long time. All the lights are turned on. Very brightly. And, I remember it being an exceptionally dark night outside. You’re laughing already because who has a hairstyle these days that requires the upside down action? So I finish up, smile and say hi to my lovely little son whose leaving the room, and then I turn around.

And I’m looking out a window that has had it’s plantation shutters pulled wide open at some point (probably at the very beginning of the blow dry) while I was bending over, for all the world to see.

So for all of you that slow down even a little while night driving because it’s fun to see into houses at night…

Watch out when you drive by mine (or at least honk and give me a thumbs up)!


“Hee Haw” goes the pack mule August 3, 2009

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Does your husband look like this at the beach?

beach mule bri