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We’re feeling slimy today September 9, 2009

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What should you make in front of your sick child? That’s right, homemade slime.  Amaiah and I thought this craft was appropriate given Wyatt’s bedriddeness (not a word).  Dang it was easy and turned out great. I briefly broke out in hives when I saw white glue on the ingredients list given our last experience with the stuff, but the girl redeemed herself nicely with this one.

“Mom this was fun because we didn’t need any patience!”

Gather up:

1/2 C. white glue

food coloring

Vaseline Intensive Care lotion or Glycerin (ask the Target pharmacist, $3)

3/4 C. warm water

2 T. Borax (laundry aisle)

2 ziploc bags, your craft measuring cup & spoons


And away we go…


Measure the glue and pour it into bag #1



Add one or two drops of food coloring


Add just a small squirt of lotion OR a splash of the glycerin (no too much or it won’t hold together)


Seal the bag and squish that goo.


Now, pour the warm water into bag #2


Add the 2 T. of Borax and shake

**Remember, only big people do this**


Put 2 T. of Borax mixture (bag #2) into glue mixture (bag #1)


Seal and squish/knead until you start to feel a solid form


Add the rest of the Borax solution and knead a little bit more.  Then pour off the excess water.


Play with and squeeze your slime over the sink for a few seconds to get the last drips off of it.

Then give it to the kids, who will play with it for about 12 minutes.



Store it in a ziploc bag


5 Responses to “We’re feeling slimy today”

  1. noelle Says:

    haha very cool!
    12 min. hehee

  2. Jennifer Says:

    OK…this is fantastic!
    It was the middle of summer, just a couple of months ago. Noah was attending Camp James. He came home from camp one day and was telling me about this slime they made with white glue and laundry detergent and could we stop at the store on the way home…The next thing you know, I have used 1/2 bottle of $25.00 Tide, two bottles of Elmers, and “Mom, I think you add some Agave Nectar too”. Nightmare, 5 gallon drum of slugde is what we created. I felt so bad cause he really wanted that slime. Now….he can have it…the right way

    • mothersandothers Says:

      Oh yeah! I hope it’s what he had at camp. It seriously takes less than 10 minutes. Too funny. I’m always running around trying to recreate food that Wyatt’s had at someone’s house or saw in someone’s lunch box. I end up having to track mom’s down, “Uh, what was that pizza thing Wyatt had for lunch at your house two weeks ago?”

  3. Auntie V Says:

    I think it took you longer to make it than the time spent playing with are a very creative fun for Amaiah.

  4. Grammy Says:

    Sis – look at all the fun things you are learning! Love you so much sweet little girl!!!


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