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One-upping my six year-old January 2, 2010

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Sometimes when I need to feel better about myself I’ll remind the kids that I can do much more than they can–things like read, and be able to tell someone what year I was born. And of course, I am the craft leader around here. So when Wyatt learned to knit I could not be left behind.

At his school the children are introduced to knitting starting in their first year of Kindy. Using just their fingers, they spend many hours making long chains of stitches. This is a wonderful exercise to improve fine motor skills and counting ability, not to mention it directs all that energy.  You will often see children quietly working on their finger knitting during an oral story time or even while walking around on the playground. Teachers will generally have large baskets of raw wool and several carders (picture a dog brush) available to the children in the classroom so they can comb the wool back and forth to smooth it out.

I love that they are handling and looking at something natural and beautiful

In First grade, that would be Wy Guy, they move on to using needles. First they must make their own, spending several hours sanding down the tips of two wood dowels before rubbing on some beeswax.

The first project this school year was a pair of horse reins

You have no idea how long two children (or one child and a dog) will play with reins!

Well…a couple of months ago some moms at school offered a morning class to teach those of us that were interested how to do it!

I went and mostly watched, chatted, and held Shivohn

Then Thanksgiving break came and I knew that I would be camping in the presence of a knitter, Elin, for almost a week. I bought some needles and yarn and packed them with my stuff.

When I saw Elin I told her that I was interested in getting some pointers during the week and she said, “Great! I’ll teach you to make a hat.”


And then I was sitting and knitting (with really bad posture) for about five days straight

Elin kept telling me to “loosen up.”

My grandma kept saying things like, “Do you want the light on? How can you see what you’re doing?”

And slowly I worked

Do you see it on my lap up there?

And here it is on Amaiah’s head. I should tell you that she has never worn it again.

And now I’m fully addicted, even knitting at red lights. It’s such a meditative, wonderful form of handwork.

Since Thanksgiving I’ve started and finished a hat for Shivs, all by myself, and have one started for Wyatt. As I type I’m also knitting Amaiah a pink sheep.

Take that Wyatt!


8 Responses to “One-upping my six year-old”

  1. Ann Says:

    I am dying! That baby is so cute! And the hat!!! Oh, they are all beautiful. I totally want to learn to knit but I don’t believe I have the attention span. Plus, two little boys and sharp pointed things- yikes….Someday!

    • mothersandothers Says:

      I know! Are you imagining what they might say at a Dr.’s office when you tell them that you gave them two sharp sticks to play with? LOL

  2. noelle Says:

    ha! thats great! but watch out, he will sneak up on you in no time!! now turn that freakin light on!

    • mothersandothers Says:

      Yeah, you know him, he doesn’t even have to sneak, he just hands me his written proposal to take over for me.

  3. noelle Says:

    oh ya, i forgot to ask if your daughter got her dance moves from you?

    • mothersandothers Says:

      Isn’t that a good one? She learned it in “Mommy’s Going to Teach You All About Michael Jackson” Dance class.

  4. Auntie V Says:

    Very clever way to use up some of that energy.I wonder if I can teach any of my high school students this art ! Oh no,on second thought it would not be very safe AT ALL to give them sharp objects…hhhmmmm ..maybe they can begin the way Wyatt learned. Really nice picture of the little ones…love ya

  5. Grammy Says:

    HAHAHAHA….you all make me laugh….such funny comments!

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