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The Ricardos January 19, 2010

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet my wonderful friends Lucy, Desi, and little Ricky.

We all used to work together, and I think the world of their beautiful little family.

They were so much fun to shoot; I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while.

As I was loading these up for you to see I was thinking about the intimacy of this process. The shooting can all happen rather quickly. There’s usually lot’s of movement, lot’s of talking, lot’s of me trying to hide behind the camera.

The editing on the other hand, is quite still and slow.


I’ve developed some editing habits over the last few years.

As I stare back at frozen you for long periods of time I usually do one or all of the following

I can’t help but smile too

I pray for you

I reminisce about our history, if we have one

I have fake conversations with you

I feel grateful that you’ve let me capture you


2 Responses to “The Ricardos”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    OH MY WORD!!! Ok, this is the first time I have visted the site since Christmas…you are back….and I LOVE it!! I adore what you wrote and I can relate to the emotion that comes from the process of connecting through film. You said it so elequently!!

    Thank you for feeling that way…thank you for being there, thank you for being you, thank you for loving us- the way we love you.


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