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Let’s Play…with your stuff. February 26, 2010

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I never force my kids to share their things. It feels crappy to me.

Is this bad?

“Hey Amaiah, So-and-So is coming over to play today. If there’s something that you’re not willing to share, please set it on my bed.”

“Oh, okay, so pretty much everything you own. Got it.”


Happy Hearts February 20, 2010

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Did you have a wonderful Love Day?

I made Amaiah this groovy little headband. It took all of 11 minutes. A week or so before, Rob and Noelle were here for dinner. Noelle and I were having our usual exchange of photo/craft banter. We always end up in front of the computer (I always forget this part and never clean up my desk beforehand). So she pulls up this nifty little tutorial that you should definitely check out, and instead of just bookmarking it since it was already about 10:00, I suggest we just whip one out. So we did. She took it home.

Then I turned my boy’s blonde locks chocolate brown. He’s been requesting hair dye for quite some time now and I finally agreed to using Henna. It was all three kids and I, up late, all sitting in the bathroom, laughing, trying not to get dye on or in ourselves.  We were all quite shocked at how well it turned out. The story that I’m hearing him tell people now is that this is in fact is his natural color and blonde is what his mom always dyed it. Aaahah. Love him!! Let’s hear it for supporting self-expression!

Hope all your days are filled with love


Back to Me February 17, 2010

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For your laughing Thursday pleasure


Belly Bliss cont. February 8, 2010

So the Blessingway was beautiful

A good time was had by all

Here are the favors I wanted to share with you

I ended up making homemade vanilla body scrub

I put it in baby food jars