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Kindness April 18, 2010

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My neighbor left roses by my front door

Enough said

Happy Sunday


Juice Carton Wallet April 16, 2010

Well hello dear readers

you still out there?

My life has taken me in pursuit of other things these days

Website for Grade One

Daughter turning five

Trip to San Francisco

Garden planted, almost

Baby still waking up every two, that’s no typo, two hours.

Through it all we’re still managing to find the time to create things

Let’s recycle an old juice carton and make a wallet

So, step number one is download the CartonWallet template.

Now, get a carton and wash that baby out. I mean it. Don’t skip this part by putting a little water, swirling it around, and pouring it out. That’s rinsing. You want to open the top up, scrub that baby with soap, and let it air dry.

No stinky wallets!

Cut it open like so

Place the template on the carton. See how the holes line up at the top. Do that.

Cut out the carton to match

Now tape the template on the carton. I think she used an entire roll.

Using whatever object works for you, for us it was a butter knife, score all dotted lines. I found that I had to go over them all several times, pressing hard. The carton is thick and isn’t the easiest material to fold.

Now fold, put in all your money (which in Amaiah’s case was a nickel), and clasp with the carton screw top.

So cool right?!

Catch you in the next one