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How about these apples? May 24, 2010

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You wanna hear about my latest adventure laying floor?


That reminds me, remember my naked story?

This was the pose!!

Okay, flooring another day then.

How about sewing cute dolls?

Here is where I got the template and also where you can link up with Emily Martin, the creator of them.

Aren’t they so dang sweet?

I’ve been making them for a good year now

For the girls

for my friends

for my girls’ friends

for auction baskets

I even convinced Keri to come over and make one for her little man

My favorite part is choosing their tights

If you decide to make one, and I hope you do, here’s is one tip that I’m not sure is mentioned in the printed instructions.

**When making the arms and legs, it’s best to fold a good size piece of your your chosen fabric (right sides together), sew a leg/arm pattern, THEN cut around your stitching.

This is much easier than trying to sew little bits of skinny strips together.**

Now, I’ve got some sock sliding to do on the new floor so I’ll catch you on the slip side!



4 Responses to “How about these apples?”

  1. noelle Says:

    *um ok – cannot wait to sit with you and learn how to make those dolls. (i got my sewing machine!) LA trip?
    *the font – always very awesome

  2. Te Says:

    Thanks for the visual.
    Missed ya today!!

  3. Auntie Vickie Says:

    hahha..I do remember the naked story… that never know who is going to snap a picture and then post it on a blog…You are going to end up having as many photo’s as your Auntie V , [but much smaller] The doll looks very cute , by the way. Love you,Auntie V

  4. Keri Says:

    so did i ever show you the “boy” ones my mother in law created… the outfits look really nerdy but at least they’re somewhat masculine?? i think Bray prefers his girly one though… it’s much cuter.

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