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summer’s been good to me August 17, 2010

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If you see me on Facebook you can skip this entry and just move on to checking your next favorite blog

I’m on a much needed Facebook fast

I’ve packed it up and brought it all back here

Summer’s been good to me

Grab the laptop

Let’s head to the porch

I celebrated 10 years of being married to my high school sweetheart

We returned to the site of our reception for the first time since our wedding day

It was just as beautiful to us

I’ve found the best coffee in the O.C.

Enjoyed a little color inspiration

Fixed things my kids have tweaked

Laughed at Wyatt’s desires

Entertained silent dinner guests

Have eaten out way too much

Drooled over all the genius crafters in LA

I’ve learned that even ugly

tastes yummy

I’ve prayed for certain items to be put on clearance

I’ve cut things

and delivered them to people I love

I’ve enjoyed the blessing of a sweet backyard

I’ve failed at inspiring a smile

I’ve knitted some

funky cats for the girls

I’ve watched things other than children grow

I’ve squeezed the juice out of things

I’ve started what I call “The Million Pins” quilt

I received some groovy duct tape glasses

I’ve found happiness in a pancake

I made some noodle soup for some needy people

I’ve gone to flea markets when I should have been at church

I found this because I refuse to do it one more time

The kids and I made a bird feeder that the birds did not like

I’ve picked blueberries with Amaiah

I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve been able to spend with Noelle

I watched Bootsy trip out on her first carousel ride

I watched a first dance recital

I figured out that making her watch me hose down the driveway is so boring she’ll fall asleep

I’ve been to the beach

I’ve thought some

and held tight to my favorite things

all the love in the universe,



7 Responses to “summer’s been good to me”

  1. Jacinthe Mitchell Says:

    Yeah!!! Are you back to blogging. I sure hope so because your blog is definitely my favorite!!!!! Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for the e-mail too. I will get back to you soon. I spent all my e-mailing time late last night looking at your blog:) It is like a GOOD book, I just can’t put it down. WE all want more!! Keep the posts coming and know that I am not the only one I am sure that LOVES your blog!!!!

  2. Jacinthe Mitchell Says:

    Oh wait, confused. So, are you on facebook or not?? I like how you blog it personally because then we get to see all these adorable pictures. You two are an inspiration to all us single people that LOVE does exist!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love this post Shal,

    Congratulations on 10 years…not only of wedded bliss, but of wonderful living.

    Thank you for this


  4. elin Says:

    Thanks… this is great!!!

  5. Noelle Says:

    Your summer looked amazing, thanks for sharing all your wonderful things, and its nice to see that i look a whole lot better in that pic than ive been feeling…love ya!

  6. heyneighbor Says:

    How fun it was to tag along and see what you have done this summer! You are so creative.I loved the perspective you have. Thanks for letting us join you Auntie V

  7. Te Says:

    Howdy Shal,
    We’ve missed you! What a wonderful trip though your summer.

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