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Modern Paper Dolls September 16, 2011

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Hello friends!

Here’s a fun weekend craft I wanted to share with you

Modern Paper Doll Templates!

You can get them here

Wishing you wellness,



Be Good To Yer Mama May 7, 2011

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How about an easy peasy, yet fancy shmancy homemade scarf for your mom?

I have some serious love for Living Crafts Magazine.

Check out this tutorial and learn how to make this lovely scarf made out of your gently loved t-shirts (no old smellies, please).

Happy Mamas Day!



I am not a fine wine, more like a loaf of bread November 7, 2010

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And by that I mean that I am definitely not getting better with age

the car

a minor lapse in judgment


So here’s the story (while you drink your coffee) and then we’re moving on to making bird feeders

I was picking up Ama Mama from school


the entire population of the world was in the school parking lot

I pulled the car into a spot and then turned around and started yakking away with the Wy Guy. As I did this I slowly released my foot from the gas. But you see, I was up against a curb so the car stayed put.

As I turned back around and looked down I noticed that I was still in Drive.

So I went to press hard on the brake before shifting it into Park.

But guess what?

I pressed hard on the GAS instead.

Over the curb we flew, into a chain link fence, down the hill a smidge, and into the bushes

Good Lord!!

All were fine. Oh, except for my ego. That lay crushed under the car.

Then we had to spend the next 4ish hours watching the tow trucks and eventually the fire department yank it back off the hill.

Also, I got to watch everyone who walked by stop and take a picture on their phone

But we were in good company

If I ever have to spend four long hours staring at my mess of a car again, I want to do it in the company of those friends.

Thank you sweet souls, even if you did snicker and suggest we stick to riding our bikes to school


We made a couple of bird feeders over the summer

I mentioned a while back that our picky little common sparrows did not care much for them

Someone still asked for a tutorial

You people crack me up

Here it is

You know I get a little vague during tutorials

I’m also about to use the word “screw” far too many times


As copied from a very old issue of “Living”

This is what you’ll need for one feeder (purchased at the grocery store and Home Depot):

A couple of apples

a 24″ threaded rod, I believe it was 1/4″ thick. Whatever size you get, just make sure you get the nuts and washers to match

screw hooks and eyes

a finial, preferably without the screw you see sticking out of mine up there

two squares of wood, they come just like you see there


paint, we had some red (and 30 other quarts we could have picked from)

Note: in this first shot below I photographed the wood for making TWO feeders


With the widest part of one wood square facing up (what the birds will stand on), put your threaded rod through

On the bottom of the block screw on a washer

Now turn it back over so you’re holding it by the rod and the block is sitting at the bottom

Next screw on an apple

Followed by the second block

Then the second apple

At the top of the rod screw on the finial. Note: remember my finial had that screw in it? Brian just sawed a good chunk of the bottom off which included that screw. Then he just made me a little pilot hole and I screwed it on top of the rod

Finally, screw (see I told you) in the eye hook on top, loop some cording, rope, or wire through and tie it to your branch.


Let me know if your birds are more appreciative than ours




How about these apples? May 24, 2010

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You wanna hear about my latest adventure laying floor?


That reminds me, remember my naked story?

This was the pose!!

Okay, flooring another day then.

How about sewing cute dolls?

Here is where I got the template and also where you can link up with Emily Martin, the creator of them.

Aren’t they so dang sweet?

I’ve been making them for a good year now

For the girls

for my friends

for my girls’ friends

for auction baskets

I even convinced Keri to come over and make one for her little man

My favorite part is choosing their tights

If you decide to make one, and I hope you do, here’s is one tip that I’m not sure is mentioned in the printed instructions.

**When making the arms and legs, it’s best to fold a good size piece of your your chosen fabric (right sides together), sew a leg/arm pattern, THEN cut around your stitching.

This is much easier than trying to sew little bits of skinny strips together.**

Now, I’ve got some sock sliding to do on the new floor so I’ll catch you on the slip side!



Juice Carton Wallet April 16, 2010

Well hello dear readers

you still out there?

My life has taken me in pursuit of other things these days

Website for Grade One

Daughter turning five

Trip to San Francisco

Garden planted, almost

Baby still waking up every two, that’s no typo, two hours.

Through it all we’re still managing to find the time to create things

Let’s recycle an old juice carton and make a wallet

So, step number one is download the CartonWallet template.

Now, get a carton and wash that baby out. I mean it. Don’t skip this part by putting a little water, swirling it around, and pouring it out. That’s rinsing. You want to open the top up, scrub that baby with soap, and let it air dry.

No stinky wallets!

Cut it open like so

Place the template on the carton. See how the holes line up at the top. Do that.

Cut out the carton to match

Now tape the template on the carton. I think she used an entire roll.

Using whatever object works for you, for us it was a butter knife, score all dotted lines. I found that I had to go over them all several times, pressing hard. The carton is thick and isn’t the easiest material to fold.

Now fold, put in all your money (which in Amaiah’s case was a nickel), and clasp with the carton screw top.

So cool right?!

Catch you in the next one



Belly Bliss cont. February 8, 2010

So the Blessingway was beautiful

A good time was had by all

Here are the favors I wanted to share with you

I ended up making homemade vanilla body scrub

I put it in baby food jars



Belly Bliss January 27, 2010

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It’s time to celebrate this belly, which I cheerfully say this time around, is not mine!

I choked on my mouthful of Trader Joe’s Oreos when she told me she hadn’t taken any belly shots yet. Then I shoved her cute pregnant self out into my backyard.

When I told her that she wasn’t allowed to visit the blog for a while because I would be sharing about her Blessingway she said, “What blog?”

Just kidding

Firstly, I promise everyone here and on Facebook that I will put this font to rest for a bit. Okay that’s a lie. I can’t. I just need to use it a few more times to get it out of my system.

So here’s the big mess I made working on the invites.

I have a lovely crafting area and an office, but somehow I always end up here at this coffee table, which by the way was a Craigslist steal that I will never part with my whole life.

Here’s how they turned out.

All the info is on the back circle layer

Perhaps most importantly, this is how I occupied my four year-old. I gave her a huge stack of paper and the circle cutter

She made about 5,000 circles

She sang the entire time

I can’t wait to show you the favors!